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The Uganda-UK Health Alliance is an umbrella Organization for UK Institutions and organizations undertaking healthcare capacity building activity in Uganda



The Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is a workforce development programme for clinical and non-clinical staff working in the NHS to develop their health ideas into a commercial product or service. CEP welcomes applications from a diverse range of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. Read more

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities for Health Partnerships

Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) is offering Virtual Volunteer bursaries to Health Partnerships with a history of implementing capacity development projects in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Somaliland, Tanzania and Uganda and Zambia. Read more

UUKHA secretatriate meets Ministry of Internal Affairs on UK Global Health Placements

Health workforce development remains a common challenge in all regions of the world. Countries face health workforce gaps at varying extents which include overall shortages, low productivity, inequitable distribution among others..Read more

Our Operational Framework


Health Investment and Finance
Human Resources for Health
Research & Innovation


Eye Health
Mental Health
Non-Communicable Disease
Emergency Health
Maternal & Child Health Infectious Diseases
Global Surgery
Diagnostic & Imaging
Digital Health
Health Investment



Our Operational Framework

The operational framework provides the structural relationship between our programs, consortia and regions of operation. It further highlights the over-arching mutual collaboration between Uganda and UK governments in the health sector.

Our Consortia

Emergency Health

Digital Health

Diagnostics and Imaging

Eye Health


  • Emergency Health

  • Digital Health

  • Diagnostics and Imaging

  • Eye Health

  • Investments

Our Impact


Projects Supported


Members Registered


UK Volunteers Supported

Frequently Asked Questions

How can UUKHA support my partnership?

Support to Uganda UK health partnerships is routinely done by the UUKHA secretariats in Uganda and UK and is done through either direct contact with the relevant secretariat staff or through the UUKHA email address

Why should my institution join UUKHA?

When a UK institution becomes a member of UUKHA, it gives them the opportunity to share learning and experiences with other member institutions doing similar work perhaps in the same region of Uganda. The institution will also enjoy the timely feedback and updates on collaborative opportunities from the Uganda Ministry of Health.

Can I join UUKHA as an individual?

No. The membership is restricted to UK institutions/organizations undertaking healthcare capacity building in Uganda’s health sector. So if you represent an institution that is not registered with UUKHA yet, please follow the link to register

How can I volunteer in Uganda?

UUKHA coordinates member organisations which place volunteers in Uganda. If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda please get in touch with any of them but also you can follow the guidelines on the link. Click Here

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