03 Apr

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Since the relaunch of the Alliance we have observed growing interest and momentum from members to support co-development between Uganda and the UK. The annual UUKHA symposia, the just concluded meetings in London and the series of technical working group meetings held in Uganda under the thematic areas have all greatly shaped the program of work for the Alliance in educational development, collaborative research, quality safety and innovations, leadership and governance and public health. Over the next 12 months we shall put efforts on implementing the key resolutions that arose from the various meetings.

The formation of the UUKHA Board, the establishment of in country secretariats, waiver of work permit fees for UK volunteers, creation of a coordinated approach for volunteer’s registration and settlement are some of the remarkable outputs  we have achieved over the past year.  It is such collective commitment which we have all exhibited for the past period that we continue to encourage as we pursue our ultimate goal of transforming healthcare through collaboration and sustainable health partnerships between Uganda and the UK.


Prof. Ged Byrne                                                                      Dr. Diana Atwine

 UK Co-Chair                                                                            Uganda Co-Chair

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