12 Feb

The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the undeserved population

The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the underserved population


With the leading causes of visual Impairment in Uganda preventable, Awareness campaigns and early intervention can reduce the burden of Eye Diseases in the country.

The Eye Project Uganda in that regard organised a 2-day eye camp from the 20th to 21st November 2017. Several Partners including Lubaga Hospital, Uganda UK Health Alliance (UUKHA) Secretariat, Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS) charity, Abalon Trust, The Ophthalmology Society Uganda put efforts together to provide access to eye Health care for underserved communities.

The Eye camp provided care to a large patient population for various conditions including cataracts, refractive errors, glaucoma, eye infections, oncology conditions like retinoblastoma etc. Screening services for insidious eye conditions in the population like Retinopathy were also provided

The campaign raised awareness and advocacy for increased access to both preventative and therapeutic services in eye health care which are currently at a low scale in Uganda.

Through UUKHA fostered joint working and partnerships, the Eye Project Uganda seeks to continue advancing Eye Health Care in Uganda for vulnerable communities

Next Eye camp is scheduled for 14th to 18th October 2018


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