12 Feb

You belong; A model for intergration of Mental Health Patients to the community

YouBelong-Uganda (YBU) is a Uganda based registered NGO, working to transition women, men, and children, out of institutions, such as mental hospitals, back to family and local community. It is supported by YouBelong, a UK registered charity providing grants for work in mental health in East Africa.

Working with people in recovery from severe mental illness, YouBelong-Uganda (YBU) has established itself as a bridge between the National Referral Mental hospital in Uganda and the community.

Preventing relapse and return to hospital of persons living with severe mental illness is crucial to its work, and requires YBU to help build community based mental health supports. Building a balanced mental health model, between acute in-patient care and community based care is a major part of its work.

YBU has developed a unique PRE-DISCHARGE ASSESSMENT TOOL and a POST-DISCHARGE, FAMILY CENTRED, INTERVENTION PROCESS, steeped in the social determinants of mental health, cultural sensitivity, and a health systems approach. YBU empowers families in problem solving and crisis management, builds families capabilities, particularly in health, education, caring roles (particularly the role of women in family), income generation, and focuses on a self-care/improvement plan for the person in recovery.

Central to its beliefs, is the conviction that for mental wellbeing and personal identity and dignity, is building the basic human need to belong to family, local community, and culture.

Working in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and local govermnent, and relying on evidence based research, YBU is adopting an integrative approach to building a new model of mental health care in Uganda.

Monsignor David Cappo AO, BA (Soc Wk), Chief Executive


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