10 Jun

Quarterly Report Jan-Mar 2020

Since its launch in 2013, the Uganda UK Health Alliance continues to provide a system leadership platform to coordinate UK derived programs in the health sector whilst aligning them to the priorities of Ministry of Health.

The guiding principles of the Uganda UK Health Alliance have always been aligned towards the wider 2015 UK Aid strategy, which states that the UK would meet its commitments to address global challenges and promote shared prosperity in a way that also benefits the UK.

Over the years, the Alliance framework has demonstrated that there is mutual benefit for both health systems when countries work in partnership to improve global health outcomes.

To ensure broader and more structured engagement between the two health sectors, the Alliance continues to facilitate linkage between departments of health, support institutional collaboration as well as enable private sector partnerships between Uganda and the UK.

This document highlights the strategic activities by the Alliance over the 1st Quartre of 2020 to support its growing membership, develop its internal structure as well coordinate upstream health sector developments.

The report summarises the implementation of activities from the Uganda UK Health Alliance 2020 Work plan and has been developed in consultation with the UUKHA Advisory Board and strategic partners.

We appreciate member institutions for utilising the Alliance structure to implement their respective global health programs and share in the delight of the achievements this quarter.

Lastly, the Alliance recognises the effects of the novel Corona Virus pandemic both at the global scale and on individual programs in the next quarter. We will double the efforts of the secretariat in bridging the gap between partners and continuing being an ombudsman in activities. 

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