23 Jun

Mental Health Comments

We at Mental Health Uganda-Gulu Branch know that social change is possible but takes a strategic individual, local, national and international choices. When social movements are supported, nurtured, resourced and most importantly included in strategic development and decision making points where money goes, change happens.
As very important decision makers at individual, local, national and international level, we can not emphasise enough the need for inclusion for people with mental and psychosocial disabilities (those called people with mental illness) into our programming. People diagonized with mental illness are not just patients but they should be treated as active partners in mental and psychosocial recovery and consider their meaningful involvement in any other developmental processes.

Now that the world is crippling with the global burden and impacts of the corona virus, we see no boundaries, mental health service should be spelt out clearly since it has become essential governments community development service which must be prioritized, funded and expanded.
Its high time to invest in building a social philosophy that appreciates people living with mental health issues including those with multiple psychosocial needs as people of great values.

Nyeko JJ Paul
Team Leader
Mental Health Uganda-Gulu Branch

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