The 2nd UUKHA Symposium

Date: 23rd October, 2020

Time: 9:00-13:10 BST/11:00-15:10 EAT

Theme: Towards Universal Health Coverage: Building Global Health Capacity for a Better Decade.

Towards Universal Health Coverage: Building Global Health Capacity for a Better Decade.

EAT UK Time Session Speaker
11:00hrs-11:15hrs 09:00hrs-09:15hrs Opening Remarks Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Uganda
11:15hrs-11:30hrs 09:15hrs-09:30hrs Key Note Speech 1 Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, Ministry of Health, Uganda
11:30hrs-11:45hrs 09:30hrs-09:45hrs Key Note Speech 2

Lord Dolar Popat, UK Trade Envoy to Uganda & Rwanda

11:45hrs-12:00hrs 09:45hrs-10:00hrs COVID and its impact on Global Health. Dr Yonas Tegegn, WHO Country Representative, Uganda
12:00hrs-12:35hrs 10:00hrs-10:35hrs Panel Discussion 1   How can health systems recover from the COVID-19 pandemic to continue with commitments towards Universal Health Coverage?

Chair: Lord Nigel Crisp     

Panellist 1: Prof Freddie Ssengoba  Panellist 2: Prof Neil Squires Panellist 3: Prof David Lalloo

12:35hrs-12:45hrs 10:35hrs-10:45hrs Q&A Audience
12:45hrs-13:00hrs 10:45hrs-11:00hrs The Decade for Health Workforce Strengthening: Progress,challenges, capacities and opportunities Dr David Weakliam, Chair WHO Global Health Workforce Network
13:00hrs-13:35hrs 11:00hrs-11:35hrs Panel Discussion 2   What collective actions should be taken by countries to meet the existing health workforce challenges and demands in the next decade?

Chair Prof Francis Omaswa

Panellist 1: Mr. Ben Simms Panellist 2: Prof Lisa Bayliss Prat Panellist 3: Mr. Okello Patrick

13:35hrs-13:45hrs 11:35hrs-11:45hrs Q&A Audience
13:45hrs-14:00hrs 11:45hrs-12:00hrs Break  
14:00hrs-14:35hrs 12:00hrs-12:35hrs

Panel Discussion 3  

Mobilising the Developing World: How can LMIC take more ownership in setting their Research Agenda and utilising evidence.

Chair: Prof Nelson Ssewankambo

Panellist 1: Prof Pontiano Kaleebu Panellist 2: Dr Branwen Hennig

Panellist 3: Dr Andrew Kambugu Panellist 4:  Dr Rosalind Parkes-Ratanshi

14:35hrs-14:45hrs 12:35hrs-12:45hrs Q&A Audience
14:45hrs-15:00hrs 12:45hrs-13:00hrs Closing Remarks Prof Ged Byrne