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The NCD Consortium; Supporting Uganda in the fight against Non-communicable diseases

19 July 2019
Supporting Uganda in the fight against Non-communicable diseases

The global burden of Non communicable diseases (NCDs) remains unacceptably high. In 2016, NCDs were responsible for 41 million of the world’s 57 million deaths (71%), 15 million of these deaths were premature (30 to 70 years) with the burden greatest in low- and middle- income countries, where 78% of all NCD deaths and 85% of premature deaths occurred.

In Sub Saharan Africa, this epidemiological transition has caused a...

SIGHT MATTERS – A Personal Insight By Debbie Young BSc MSc DCLP MCOptom Dip TP (IP)

20 February 2019

In the remote Ugandan village of Bwindi, children are suffering tragic consequences because of a lack of even the most basic eye care services.

Alice, 13, was brought into hospital in Bwindi nursing a withered left arm. She had been sweeping the path outside her home, one of many chores she has to carry out every day, when she flicked away a black twig with her broom.

Except it wasn’t a twig. It was a poisonous black snake. Its savage bite left her unconscious and fighting...

Global Maternal and Child Health: Consolidating Progress in Uganda through Global Health Exchange

18 July 2018

Global Maternal and Child Health: Consolidating Progress in Uganda through Global Health Exchange.

The world has put considerable effort in improving maternal and child health. The efforts have resulted in a decline of 44% in maternal mortality from 1990 to 2015. Despite the considerable progress, there are still existing challenges in Maternal and Child Health, especially in developing countries.

Every day, an estimated 830 women die from preventable causes related...

Road Carnages, emergencies and why Comprehensive Emergency Services can’t wait in Uganda.

27 May 2018

On Friday last week (25th May 2018), the Country was alarmed by a road carnage along its Northern Routes that claimed a total of 22 passengers and death cases registered pre and during hospitalisation at the closest Hospital.

The wreckage of G aaga bus

Uganda continues to be one of the low and middle-income countries burned heaviest by road traffic incidents (RTI). Recent studies indicate that Uganda experiences RTI deaths at...

A Snippet overview of maternal and child health Uganda

25 May 2018
A Snippet overview of maternal and child health in Uganda

The Maternal and child health is key to ensure that all women and children have a healthy life.

Globally, 2.6 million newborns and 2.6 million stillbirth occur annually, under 5 mortality rate globally has decreased since 1990 with 46% of 5 mortality rate is due to neonatal mortality and eight out of ten of countries with highest mortality rates are in Africa according to Lawn et al 2008, Mbonye et al 2012, and UNICEF 2018...

The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the undeserved population

12 February 2018
The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the underserved population

With the leading causes of visual Impairment in Uganda preventable, Awareness campaigns and early intervention can reduce the burden of Eye Diseases in the country.

The Eye Project Uganda in that regard organised a 2-day eye camp from the 20 th to 21 st November 2017. Several Partners including Lubaga Hospital, Uganda UK Health...

Ground Breaking Organ Transplant in Uganda through partnership

11 September 2017

In the bid to foster shared learning, joint working and co-development, the Uganda UK Health Alliance facilitated recent meetings in Kampala between representatives from NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), Transplant Community Links (TCL), Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS), Mulago Hospital and the Permanent Secretary, Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH). The purpose was to on how NHSBT may offer support to the Ministry of Health in respect to organ donation and transplantation


11 September 2017

Uganda, with a population estimated to be over of 41 million and prevalence of blindness of about 1% ,ophthalmology remains a neglected public health sector, with limited data on the prevalence of visual impairment.There is approximately one ophthalmologist to a million plus of the population and one ophthalmic clinical officer to 205,000.00 of the population.

Accident Rescue App (Trauma Call) wins Babson Schlesinger prize

2 April 2017

by Arafat Wakulira

Inspired by a true story of Arafat Wakulira (third from the left), a long term Biomedical Engineering volunteer for a THET funded project; The Uganda Maternal & Newborn Hub. Following a road traffic accident involving two of his brothers, a team of Biomedical Engineers from Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, ICT and Business students from Mbarara University of Science and Technology took it upon themselves to innovate a solution to speed up rescue...