Membership requirements

Members agree to share information and expertise with other members, associates, and others working or wanting to work in Global Health in Uganda, through the UUKHA website, attendance at events whenever possible, and other contacts.

Members are expected to comply with the following standards of best practice:

  • Activities, including new initiatives, should be consistent with the aims, plans and priorities of the Ugandan Ministry of Health and regional or local health authorities.
  • Activities in Uganda should be led by Ugandans; this should include agreement on introducing and evaluating new or innovative practice.
  • Activities should focus, whenever possible, on developing expertise and strengthening Health systems in Uganda; this should lead to an exit strategy when Ugandan capacity is adequately developed.
  • The development of individuals or health services should be designed to improve quality and access to services, with particular reference to the poorest people and rural communities.
  • All clinical and educational participants should be registered, licensed and/or validated by the relevant bodies in the UK and Uganda and individuals involved should act in accordance with their professional code of practice.
  • Evaluation should be undertaken with lessons learned applied in both Uganda and the UK.
  • Activities should deliver value for money when compared with other potential support for the Ugandan Health System.

Any member of the Alliance can withdraw their membership by cancelling their website registration or written notification to the Secretariat requesting deletion from the mailing list.