2nd UUKHA Symposium, 23rd October 2020

The Uganda UK Health Alliance organised its 2nd Global Health Symposium as a platform for governments, institutions and individuals to share expertise and opportunities on building capacity in global health to address demands, challenges and emerging threats in the new decade.

The Symposium was held on 23rd October 2020 as a virtual event via Zoom chaired by Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health-Uganda.

Quarterly Report 2020 (2nd Quarter)

With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, the importance of countries maintaining relatonships beyond borders to address common global health challenges has become more vital. Countries in the different regions of the world are therefore waking up to the importance of establishing shared…

Webinar Presentation: Sharing best practices in eyecare between Uganda and UK by Dr. Ludovica Tindyebwa

In Uganda, Glaucoma is managed by General Ophthalmologists who are distributed in 20 hospitals (10 Government, 10 private ) , 12 of which are located in Kampala. We also have OCOs who help us with screening both at District hospitals and in specialized eye clinics. They at times initiate RX before…

Webinar Report: Synergies against COVID-19 Sharing of Expertise and Experiences between Uganda and UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all regions of the world causing enormous health, economic, and social impact. Overall, an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases continues to be reported in various countries with no indication that the peak of the outbreak has been reached.

Emergency Health Consortium Meeting

The Chair provided a background on the role of working jointly as institutions and the importance of the Uganda UK Health Alliance Model and highlighted the importance of the ‘Health Cluster’ system as an example of coordinated and collaborative working in the humanitarian sector.

UUKHA Newsletter Nov 2019

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this issue of the Uganda UK Health Alliance Newsletter. This issue features some of the outstanding capacity-building work being done by members and provides a glimpse of the various UK derived Global Health programs enabled through the Alliance model.

Mental Health Consortium Meeting Report

The Chair highlighted the ongoing mental health needs in Uganda and shared on the importance of knowing what is happening in the country through the Alliance mechanism but also from the Ministry of Health Technical Working Group. He highlighted the importance of joint working in global health…

Non Communicable Diseases Consortium Meeting

The existence of an Alliance enables easy implementation of initiatives because it minimizes the politics and reduces the bureaucracies. This gives an opportunity to the two countries to have a strategic entity that organizes interventions for various members.


The SCALE Critical Care Project is a collaborative health workforce capacity development initiative between Ministry of Health Uganda and NHS, United Kingdom established to enhance skills and knowledge of Ugandan critical health care providers… through peer-to-peer learning and exchange visits