The Uganda-UK Health Alliance is a collaboration between Ministry Of Health, Uganda and NHS Health Education England which serves as an umbrella Organization for UK institutions and organizations undertaking healthcare capacity building activity in Uganda. Without controlling or inhibiting individual organisational members, the Alliance has provided a system-platform to allow each member to maximize their impact by linking them to other agencies working in the same geographical region or sharing similar activities. It has also created mechanisms to support and better coordinate its member organizations and ensure that their activities map to the priorities of the prevailing Ugandan government and Ministry of Health.


Strong and robust health systems built through well-coordinated mutual collaboration between Uganda and UK.


To provide system leadership that better coordinates and supports UK derived programs in Uganda’ Health Sector.


To enable successful delivery of UK derived health programs in Uganda’s Health Sector while fostering mutual collaborations, shared learning and sustainability


  • Support the Ugandan Government to implement its plans to increase and develop its health objectives and systems, and to contribute towards achieving the health-related Development Goals
  • Provide opportunities for learning and development for health workers and institutions in both Uganda and the UK
  • Provide a means of better coordinating UK organizations’ contribution to joint working in health, within internationally recognized standards of good practice
  • Encourage professional volunteering in both directions, in particular the development of standard models for different categories of volunteers

Our Core Values

Shared Learning

Joint Working