Digital Health Consortium Meeting, London, Jan 2019

The Consortium meeting in London convened members of the digital Health Consortium to share learning and foster mutual collaboration between members.

11 Members of the Consortium were present and a detailed report of the meeting was produced and shared.

Electronic Medical Records for the Developing World (EMR4DW)

EMR4DW was supported to present to the Ministry of Health Technical Subcommittee for approval of its EMR system.

UUKHA obtained and shared the assessment Report from MoH to EMR4DW for implementation of the committee’s recommendations.

Common Wealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH).

CWCDH developed an initiative to support Human Resource development and Regulatory Capacity for Digital Health in member countries.

The Alliance provided technical review of the proposed project for Uganda and shared it with the eHealth Department for joint input.

Marand and Outbox Collaboration.

Marand wants to use its expertise to mutually collaborate and build capacity on Open EHR with Outbox-an Innovators hub in Uganda

A working collaboration was fostered to look at a model for Technology transfer between the two entities

The People’s Open Access Education Initiative

UUKHASupported linkage between People’s Uni and Clark International University on the delivery of online public Health Programs.

University College London & World Medical Education.

UUKHA supported the various stages of designing of a collaborative project with Makerere University on the use of Multi Media in medical training between the institutions.

British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The Alliance Provided feedback on piloted programs in Uganda, held discussions and provided guidance on the implementation of the BMJ’s  Clinical Decision Support Training Initiative.

The CDS initiative is to be implemented in Uganda.


The Alliance obtained the Report and Recommendations from the TWG from the assessment of EMRDW systems.

EMR4DW secured funding for Interoperability after the assessment.

Organisation for Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA) & Common Wealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH)

UUKHA supported the development of a joint project between ORCHA & CWCDH on Bioinformatics and Regulatory Capacity of Digital Health in Uganda.