Emergency Health Consortium Meeting, London

In November 2019, 21 experts in Emergency Medicine from 11 UK institutions attended the consortium meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine, Londonto share learning and discuss opportunities for joint working in Emergency Medicine.

Members highlighted the need to jointly apply for grants in order to synergise efforts in promoting global emergency medicine between Uganda and United Kingdom

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The Alliance fostered collaboration between the Royal college of Emergency Medicine, Makerere University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. UUKHA facilitated discussions on opportunities for the Royal College to support training of emergency physicians in the two institutions through professional exchange.

University of Edinburgh.

Researchers from University of Edinburgh involved in training at MakCHS and the Uganda Emergency Care Data Project were supported to obtain professional.

Supported Research on the Emergency care from University of Research, attended the dissemination process, held follow up discussions on engagement in the Emergency Health Consortium.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

UUKHA supported Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to apply for the RCEM research grant for LMICs in collaboration with 4 Regional referral hospitals in Uganda