The Eye Health Consortium Webinar

The Webinar was held on Friday 7th August 2020 on Zoom with the aim of convening stakeholders in eye care from Uganda and the UK to share learning and best practices in managing the different forms of glaucoma. There were two guest panelists, Dr. Osama Giasin and Dr. Tindyebwa Ludovica.

Link to the Event Particulars (Friday 7th August 2020 )

Best Practices in Eyecare Between Uganda and UK (By Dr. Tindyebwa Ludovica)

Sharing of best practice in eye care between Uganda & UK,  A focus on Glaucoma (The British experience)

Glaucoma management toolkit and guidelines for Africa (By Fatima Kyari)

Link to the Webinar Video (Click Here)

Web Survey on Eye Health Webinar

Eye Health Consortium Meeting, London

In January 2019, 11 UK institutions working in Eye Health in Uganda convened in London to share progress on their ongoing programs. UUKHA shared current priorities of MoH in eye health and members agreed on areas of joint working.

Vision 2020 Royal Free Links Program

UUKHA supported the trip of the Ugandan professionals to London to learn basics in Diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment through the Vision 2020 Royal Free Links Program. A meeting between Vision 2020 Links and Ministry of Health was organised to share updates of the eye screening projects and other prospectful projects in Uganda

Diabetic Retinopathy prevention project by V2020 Links and LSHTM given input from the Alliance’s perspective

King’s College London

The Alliance facilitated discussions for professional exchange in oculoplastics Surgery between King’s College London and MakCHS Department of Opthalmology. The Linkage has expanded to include Moorfield’s Eye Hospital oculoplastics Surgeons.

Reach Bwindi

Provided technical input and guidance for the Charity to establish an eye clinic in Bwindi Community Hospital as well logistical support on shipping equipment for use.

Moorfield’s Eye Health Camp

UUKHA was engaged with Moorfield’s Eye Hospital and Local Partners to plan for the October training Eye Camp. The Alliance Worked with aligned departments of MoH to plan for wider activities of the Eye week as well as facilitating linkages with key institutions in the different region of the country.