UUKHA secretatriate meets Ministry of Internal Affairs on UK Global Health Placements

Health workforce development remains a common challenge in all regions of the world. Countries face health workforce gaps at varying extents which include overall shortages, low productivity, inequitable distribution among others.

It is estimated that the world will be short of an estimated 18 million health workers by the end of this decade.

In Uganda our staffing levels stand at 78% but the health sector has major human resource gaps especially for specialised services.

These gaps in health workforce undermine the ability of our healthcare system to address the different healthcare needs of Ugandans

As an initiative, Global health exchange supports the addressing of these workforce challenges faced through placement of professionals and volunteers to build capacity and support service delivery

The Ministry of Health (MOH) Uganda, through Uganda UK Health Alliance (UUKHA), its existing collaboration with NHS Health Education England (HEE) has been receiving a number of UK volunteer health professionals to contribute to health care delivery in various disciplines.

With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, this process of professional exchange has been severely disrupted by limitations to continuity of life in many aspects including international travel.

As UK completes the vaccination of the largest percentage of their population, many public restrictions are being lifted and the direct burden of the COVID 19 cases on the health facilities has drastically reduced.

UK Health professionals are therefore able to travel and volunteer in overseas countries like Uganda

Promotion of Global Health Placements in Uganda

The government of Uganda through its responsible Ministries, Departments and Agencies especially MOH and Ministry of Internal Affairs pledged to continue providing benefits that encourage more UK volunteers to support Uganda’s health system. Such privileges include waivers on work permits and professional registration fees.

This commitment was renewed through a meeting held between the UUKHA secretariat and the Commissioner for Immigration Control, Ministry of Internal Affairs at the start of this month.

Further still, measures have been put in place to ensure safety of the volunteers take up placements in the various facilities in the country. More guidance on the process immigration during these pandemic times can be found on the link