Public Health The program fosters mutual collaboration between Uganda and UK Institutions/organisations to contribute to the development and enhancement of public health programs and projects in Uganda. The efforts to enhance public health interventions are well recognized by the Uganda Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) 2015/16-2019/20 which states there is need to put a stronger focus on health promotion and disease prevention in the bid to drive the population to sustainable development. The Alliance therefore coordinates UK entities aiming at supporting these efforts by creating a platform where they can share learning and experiences as well as work jointly on specific public health projects and programs whenever opportunities emerge.

Further still, the program aims at aligning all the public health projects of UUKHA members to the relevant Ministry of Health departments. Through the relevant Ministry of Health Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings, the program manager shares relevant updates on developments in the respective meetings with UUKHA members. This enhances members’ knowledge of the policies, standards, guidelines and specific country needs in public health thus informing choice of relevant projects. The program draws attention to any emerging public health programs or projects in all the 9 active consortia of the Alliance. The following is an outline of consortia with ongoing public health projects and programs