With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, the importance of countries maintaining relationships beyond borders to address common global health challenges has become more vital. Countries in the different regions of the world are therefore waking up to the importance of establishing shared capacity to mitigate current and emerging health threats.

The UK government and its institutions have maintained the ethos of working in partnerships across the globe in healthcare delivery, research partnerships and system strengthening. As a result several UK derived programs and partnerships continue to transform health sector in many countries ensuring capacity to respond to local challenges whilst mitigating global health threats.

Having one of the longest global health partnership with the UK, Uganda has benefited from systems put in place through joint support from the UK to be able to respond well to the current pandemic.

During this critical period where institutional partnerships are greatly affected by travel restrictions, the Uganda UK Health Alliance role as a coordinating entity has become more pronounced in enabling continuity of programs for member organisations.

Over this reporting quarter, the Alliance continued to facilitate linkage between departments of health, support ongoing activities in institutional collaborations as well as enable private sector partnerships between Uganda and the UK.

This document highlights the strategic activities by the Alliance over the 2nd quarter of 2020 in supporting UK derived programs in Uganda, developing its internal structure as well coordinating government to government relationships in health sector development during this critical period.

We appreciate the efforts of member organisations, strategic partners as well as the Joint Advisory Board who have worked closely with the Alliance during the reporting period to ensure success in the different areas.

As we look forward to the normalisation of events, UUKHA will continue to perform and expand its function of oversight in the coming quarter to ensure that supported partnerships continue to thrive even during the current circumstances.

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Quarterly Report (2nd Quarter)