Applications steps for International Volunteers from Uganda-UK Health Alliance (UUKHA) Member Organizations for Professional Council Clearance, Work Permits/Visas.


  1. Prepare all the required documents/paper work for registration
    to acquire a temporary practicing license from the aligned Professional



  1. For support in professional council or
    immigration clearance, scan and send respective professional council
    requirements /documents/paperwork to the UUKHA secretariat through
    and the entire process is required to start at least 8 weeks prior to
    volunteer’s travel. in addition we shall be clearing volunteers on a
    quarterly basis with Ministry of Health i.e. January, March, June and
  2. The Alliance will issue a membership approval letter and confirmation for waiver of work permit fees.
  3. For UUKHA member organizations with presence outside
    Kampala or UK charities/organizations without in country presence, the
    Alliance secretariat will present documents for your volunteers to the
    aligned health professionals councils for review and processing of a
    temporary license
  4. Once the practicing license is ready, the Alliance
    secretariat will scan and send a copy to you for processing of the
    online work permit. The original version of the license will be picked
    from the Alliance Secretariat at the Ministry of Health on your Arrival
  5. You will undertake an online Visa / work permit application process using the Ministry of Internal Affairs Immigration site
  6. The issued License, letters and other
    professional backup documents should be uploaded when you undertake your
    online visa/work permit application process
  7. UUKHA will provide you with an organisational code for the work permit application
  8. The entire process is required to start at least 8 weeks prior to volunteer’s travel.
  9. The Secretariat will correspond with the contact
    person from the UUKHA member organization whenever necessary during the
    registration process.
  10. The UUKHA secretariat is happy to guide and support whenever necessary to ensure a smooth process.





  1. UNIVERSITY Degree/ professional Medical Qualification certificates (Original, Scanned or Certified)
  2. Evidence of Transcripts (Original, Scanned or Certified)
  3. Current Certificate of registration in  Country of Origin (Original, Scanned or Certified)
  4. Certificate of good Standing (Original, Scanned or Certified)
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. References from three(3) Professional Associates
  7. Evidence confirming Intended Employment/ Place of Work
  8. For Specialists – Evidence of Postgraduate Training of not less than three(3) years
  9. Two (2) recent Passport size photographs
  10. Duly filled – in Application forms
  11. All documents written in a language other than English must be
    accompanied by a copy of an official translation of the document, which
    is dully certified by a notary.
  12. Registration fees



  • UK volunteers registering through UUKHA  pay a registration fee of $200

Bank Details


  • Account Name: Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC)
  • Account No. 8702010712600
  • Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, Speke Road Branch
  • Swift code; SCBLUGKA


  1. Only submit a copy of proof of payment to the UUKHA secretariat along with your other professional backup documents.


Prior to practicing in Uganda, any nurse or midwife who trained
outside the country must be registered with the Uganda Nurses and
Midwives Council (UNMC).

To do this you need to follow the procedure described below;


  • A letter of request for stating where and when you will be
    working in Uganda and the part of the register/roll you wish to be
    considered for.
  • Contact details – ideally include an email address.
  • A copy of your certificate of registration – Original to be brought at time of interview.
  • Verification of your current licence from your registration body.
  • A transcript of training showing theoretical and clinical hours.
  • A brief CV outlining post registration experience and skills.
  • Reference from present employer.
  • A copy of photographic ID if certificate does not carry a photograph. Original to be brought at the time of interview.
  • 3 passport-size photographs – 5cm x 5.5cm.
  • For candidates whose first language is not English and nurse
    training was not conducted in English – a copy of IELTS pass at level
    6.0 or higher – the original to be brought at time of interview.

All documents in languages other than English should have a verified translation.

Once all documents have been submitted, UK Volunteers registering through UUKHA pay a registration fee of $100.


There are a number of visa types as outlined on the visa application website: The most suitable for UUKHA volunteers is the Uganda ordinary/tourist visa. The volunteer will be required to follow an application process as outlined below.

Once the application is submitted it will be studied by an
Immigration Officer. Please note that during the approval process
additional information may be required. The new required information can
be submitted electronically through “Manage your applications”

The decision taken on the application will be sent electronically through the email provided by the applicant.

If approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email provided. Click on the link to download it.

This travel authorization does not guarantee entry into Uganda.
Travelers will be subjected to secondary verification where necessary
before personalization.

Present a valid travel document of not less than 6 months validity to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.

Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa

This is a single entry visa valid for only 6 months. However, the
work permit covers your stay for the duration you specify in the
application. The work permit replaces the visa as soon as you acquire
it. The following are the requirements for visa application:


  • Passport copy (bio-data page)
  • Recent Passport-size Photograph
  • Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)


50 USD paid electronically using either master card or visa card. All the online payments are subjected to a 3% surcharge fee


The UUKHA secretariat will work closely with the immigration office
to complete this before you travel to Uganda. There are a number of work
permit categories as outlined in the website. The work permit for
volunteers is class G1 and the fees for it have already been waived for
the UUKHA volunteers. The following are the requirements for successful
execution of the process:


  • Appointment letter from the organization
  • Certified copy of Qualifications
  • Copy of the passport (bio-data page)
  • Copy of recent passport size photo graph
  • Covering letter from the organization
  • Clearance letter from the Interpol or home country

For further assistance required  send us email on Contact us page,