Glaucoma is the 3rd cause of blindness in Uganda contributing approx. 6 %.
In Uganda, Glaucoma is managed by General Ophthalmologists who are distributed in 20 hospitals (10 Government, 10 private ) , 12 of which are located in Kampala. We also have OCOs who help us with screening both at District hospitals and in specialized eye clinics. They times initiate RX before referring to ophthalmologists.
– We do not have Glaucoma subspecialists.
– We do not have glaucoma specialized nurses.
In terms of Equipment, most hospitals can do slitlamp biomicroscopy, applanation tonometry, a few hospitals use Pulse air and some still use schiotz tonometers.
Very few hospitals have Visual field machines, OCT and fundus cameras.

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Presentation By Dr. Ludovica