The Women’s Health and Research Institute (WHRI) is an affiliate institution of the Uganda UK Health Alliance established in 2020 under UUKHA’s Maternal and Child Health consortium with a focus on strengthening Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn (RMNH) evidence based approach to quality of care improvement and policy.

The Institute takes a strategic approach of working through the maternal and child health consortium of the Uganda UK Health Alliance to build stronger partnerships and collaborations between Uganda and UK in patient care, research and medical education. It currently hosts the National Safe-motherhood Expert Committee secretariate which is an expert arm to the ministry of health on issues of safe-motherhood.


To work collaboratively and through building stronger Uganda-UK partnerships, develop research that informs innovations, quality of care, policy and education in reproductive, maternal and newborn health.


A society where all preventable mortality and morbidity of Mothers and Newborns is curbed down through use of evidence-based medicine.

  1. To perform and build communities of excellence in Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health research to inform healthcare quality, policy and education.
  2. To build health workforce capacity in reproductive, maternal and newborn care through provision of updated evidence-based knowledge and skills.
  3. To support quality of care improvement through provision of evidence based and updated service standards that guide health care delivery and training.
  1. Patient Care
  2. Health Research
  3. Medical Education